San Francisco mayor admits affair At a City Hall news conference, Gavin Newsom apologizes for a relationship with his campaign manager's wife. The aide has quit.

By Lee Romney

Capping a surreal 24 hours here, this city's wildly popular mayor publicly apologized Thursday for having had an affair with his campaign manager's wife while she was working for him...Tourk had been one of the mayor's closest advisors and supporters since Newsom's winning 2003 election campaign. He also came up with a signature accomplishment of the Newsom administration that has been emulated nationwide: bimonthly gatherings -- known as Project Homeless Connect -- where thousands of volunteers help direct the homeless to services... Yet some observers suggested that, beyond the personal indiscretion, the mayor may have violated workplace conduct rules… The mayor has expressed irritation recently over the media's interest in his private life, particularly when he was dating a 20-year-old last fall.