Mayor McHottie's New Girlfriend -- Half His Age

By Marcus Baram

So, when the news first broke that San Francisco's popular 39-year-old mayor Gavin Newsom was dating a 19-year-old model and restaurant hostess (she's since turned 20), the city buzzed with gossip -- and more than a little scuttlebutt -- about the City by the Bay's newest power couple. First, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Brittanie Mountz, who played lacrosse for Sonoma State University, had suddenly changed her age on her MySpace page from 19 to 26. Then, the paper's political columnists scooped that Mountz, who is under the legal drinking age in California, was pictured holding a glass of wine at a recent gala that Newsom attended. The mayor's spokesman quickly responded that Newsom has never provided Mountz with alcohol, adding, "If she was drinking, the mayor didn't notice.