As lieutenant governor, Gavin Newsom has had few duties — and he skipped many of them

By Seema Mehta

After Gavin Newsom was elected lieutenant governor, he repeatedly made clear his frustration with the job and its lack of responsibilities. The official portfolio for the office is thin, including sitting on boards that oversee the state's higher education system and public lands, leading an economic council and serving as acting governor when California's chief executive is out of state or otherwise unavailable... Newsom's responsibilities as lieutenant governor are much more limited in scope, a point he has frequently drawn attention to. Before he ran for lieutenant governor in 2010, he derided the role as having "no real authority and no real portfolio."... Two years into the job, during a break in filming his Current TV show, Newsom was asked by friend and hotelier Chip Conley how frequently he went to Sacramento. "Like one day a week, tops," Newsom said. "There's no reason.… It's just so dull.